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Boston Robotics

Boston Robotics have great robots

Here are some of our favorite robots from Bostom Robotics


  • A perfect marvel of robotics – Boston robotics built the electrically powered SpotMini which can pick up objects and run up the stairs.
  • Being portable in nature, it can be used indoor, outdoor, at homes and in offices.
  • The battery timing of SpotMini lasts up to 90 minutes.
  • It has a 3D vision system and comes with 17 joints.
  • SpotMini can hold a weight of about 14 kg.


  • A dynamic humanoid of 75 kg. Atlas utilizes its sensors to achieve two handed mobile manipulation.
  • The robot has 28 joints and has an impressive height of 1.5m.
  • The robot body is electrically powered and comes with hydraulic actuation and LiDAR and Stereo vision perception.
  • 3-D printing has been used in the technology of making Atlas which help conserve the space.
  • The greatest strength of Atlas is its ability to walk on rough terrains. The humanoid uses motion sensors to help with mobile coordination.
  • If Atlas falls over or pushed by someone, it can get up.


  • Handle is a fascinating robot, consisting of hands and legs.
  • With the presence of 10 actuated joints, Handle is efficient enough to lift heavy load of up to 45 kg off the ground and move on the rough terrain with the help of wheels.
  • Depth cameras are used in the making of Handle, which communicate with sensors to help achieve top notch performance in movement and lifting of loads.


  • A 4 legged robot with the weight of 75 kg, Spot is runner of rough terrain which lasts up to 45 minutes on a battery charge
  • Equipped with 360 degree scanner and hydraulic actuations.
  • It is suitable for work, in both inside and outside environments.
  • A load of up to 23 kg can be held by it.


  • Boston Robotics developed the sturdy “Legged Squad Support Systems”, commonly known as LS3.
  • It is a 590kg bad boy, which can uphold a weight of 181 kg.
  • With the help of a computer vision, LS3 does not need a dedicated driver.
  • To start this bad boy, you need gasoline. Once started, you don’t need to worry about hitting with obstacles. LS3 is equipped with terrain sensors which helps in evading obstacles.
  • Having 12 joints, LS3 has a height of about 1.7m and is equipped with hydraulic actuation.


  • The pride of Boston robotics – Wildcat is the world’s fastest 4 legged robot.
  • With a height of 1.1m, weight of 154 kg and an impressive speed of 32 km/h, wildcat has a lloping gait.
  • While running, the robot tends to lean, much like a dog or a horse to maintain its balance.


  • Talk about funny names, yet Boston robotics built an engineering marvel, which could be driven on a flat road with soaring jumps up to 10m.
  • The portable SandFlea is only of 5kg.
  • The 4 wheels of SandFlea are an epitome of its smooth landing
  • When charged fully, SandFlea is capable of performing about 25 jumps, before running completely out of charge.