We think robots are awesome.
When you buy an awesome robot you become awesome. Are you ready to be awesome?



What are the postage charges?

We charge a flat fee of $20 for all postage.

Can I return my robot

If you have a reasonable reason for returning your robot, you can return you robot, and get a refund.

What is your favorite robot?

This is a continually changing answer. We, of course, love Asana, but at the moment we are having a lot of fun with the Meccanoud Personal Robot for only $169.


I have built a robot. Can you sell my robot for me?

We would love to hear from you and see what your robot is like.


Will Robots ever take over the world?

Yeah…they can take over the boring jobs in my house.


What robots will you be selling soon?

We will soon be selling robot vacuum cleaners, robot games, and more robots for kids.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]