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Robots in the future

Robots for Sale in The Future

In some discussions on robots in the future the article talks about the extreme things that will happen which include mass loss of jobs or robot soldiers learning. We take an overall view of where we think robots are going – and it is mostly all good. We have broken this into a few categories.

Consumer Fun Robots in the Future

Robots for Kids and Adults are currently awesome but they will get more awesome. The Robots that we now sell for thousands of dollars will soon become cheaper and into price points that work well.

Robots and Mobile Phones in the Future

With the introduction of AR on phones there are options to have a visual experience along with a physical experience courtesy of a robot. If you see wind blown in your face a robot will also be able to blow wind in your face.

At the simpler view the controls of robots are now operated form a mobile device. These controls will continue.

Robots and the military in the Future

Whenever I see a movie about war there are always scenes where soldiers take extreme risks and have to run across a field through a barrage of shots. Of course it makes sense to have a robot take on those barrage of bullets, or to diffuse a bomb. Of course robots can’t walk as well or multiple other things as much as a normal soldier can but the rise of the robot soldier is inevitable.

The next question is then have far will robots be able to progress. We want our robots to be able to learn so the next obvious question is that robots will be able to start thinking for themselves and then fight for themselves and destroy humans. This stretch of logic is great for Hollywood but the reality is robots still have a long way to go.

There have regularly been proposals to the UN to stop the rise of robot killing machines. So far nothing has really been done about it, as the problem is not too extreme yet.

You can sleep well knowing that robots will keep soldiers safer.

Robots and work in the Future

For a long time now robots have been taking over the tasks of workers completing mundane tasks. There is a reduction in price for these robots and they are a lot simpler to program. Therefore robots will take over the boring, the dangerous and the tasks where errors can occur. It is not only the mundane tasks. There are now robots who are taking over the tasks of surgeons. The robots are perfect in their movements.