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What is a Robot

What is a robot

Ever seen the films like Real Steel, Transformers, and Pacific Rim? What do they all have in common?

You’ll probably get a pretty basic idea about what is a robot? If not, here’s the definition.

Robots are mechanical thingies gobbling up for some specific objectives. In laymen terms, we call them robots and they are a gift of science. With the help of computers, human write code to program a machine. The machine in turn provides services.

Types of Robots

With extensive development in the knowledge of robotics, robot is an “umbrella term” these days. Inside the generic term, mankind has classified different robots into different types. These are as under:

  • Military robots
  • Consumer robots
  • Commercial robots
  • Medical robots
  • Domestic robots

Consumer Robots

Consumer robots are a category of robots which are built specifically for consumers. Scientists around the world are devising new ways to help mankind with day – day activities. The use of consumer robots is getting pretty common around Australia. Such robots have started emerging inside the target market, which offer their assistance in cleaning the floor, doing the dishes and helping with washing of clothes.

Some robots are conversationalist. They have been wired thousands of phrases inside their chipset and with the help of various sensors, a robot can help distinguish what to speak next. Some robots can do multi-tasking. They have various buttons present on them. If there’s a button of “water the plants”, you can press it and the robot will automatically water the plants.

Children love to play with domestic drones. Most parents buy their teenagers drones to help them familiarize with the positive aspects of technology. Now you can scout the area, take quick selfies and send any type of gift or secret messages to your friends. Just use your imagination and you can do pretty exciting things with drones.

Uses of Robots

You know what is a robot – now let’s talk about its uses. Robots are extensively being used in all walks of life. Military, architecture, construction, factories, health department – even for recreational activities. The credit of making our lives easy goes to robots. Numerous factories around the world utilize the work offered by robots. As compared to humans, robots are much faster in doing repetitive tasks. Just program them once and they are good to go.

What is a robot if you cannot perform sports with it? Well, good news is that the robots are also used in sports. Drone racing is a very popular emerging sports in developed countries. A drone race is pretty much like F1 – except there are obstacles in its course. A player has to evade the obstacles and complete a set of laps in required time.

A tech competition known as “RoboWars” is much similar like the concept of movie “Real Steel” Inside an arena, two robots fight. A time limit is set. The robot which does the most damage to the other robot wins. This competition is globally popular, especially in colleges offering courses of robotics and mechatronics.

Scientists are trying to combine artificial intelligence with the field of robotics. Extensive research is made to create domestic robots which would have a decision making skillset. If everything goes well, pretty soon people will have robot slaves inside the homes.